Animu Intarweb Playlist


What is the Animu Intarweb Playlist?

The Animu Intarweb Playlist (AIP) is an anime themed playlist inspired by the legendary Vidya Intarweb Playlist (VIP) by Cats777. Tracks are selected to give exposure to less known anime music, but also includes some more popular songs. It's created and maintained by lolicatgirl777. (ゝω·)~☆☆

AIP is available directly in your web browser via HTML5 and the music files are hosted on graciously provided by Cats (not to be confused with Cats777). The .ogg vorbis format is used with as much compression as possible, without drastically decreasing audio quality, in order to save bandwidth and to make the music files load faster. All tracks have been normalized and use the naming scheme "Featured in - Title (Info)".

The AIP's catplayer supports tag filtering, which lets you customize what kind of music you want to listen to. It stores a single cookie to remember the last used volume.

AIP Stats
316 tracks | 19h46m30s | 770mb

Are you really a lolicatgirl?

What's your favorite food?

Canned mackerel with a cup of hot milk. ฅ(๑ↀᆺↀ๑)

Why bother creating this? The WAP already exists!

Because Cats777 doesn't maintain the WAP as often as the VIP (last update was in 2016). We wanted something like this and the various online anime radios didn't suffice. Lastly, all of these tracks could use more exposure, especially the unknown remixes and forgotten classics from the 20th century.

Can you explain the filtering system?

Filtering certain tags removes all the tracks with those tags from the catplayer's autoplay. With invert mode on, all tracks not having the selected tags gets removed instead. If you manage to filter out all the tracks, all filters will automatically be reset.

A table of all filtering tag descriptions is available below.

aip-original aip-remix aip-teema aip-bgm aip-vocal
original tracks remixed tracks OP/ED tracks bgm tracks vocal tracks
aip-古代 aip-80年代 aip-90年代 aip-00年代 aip-10年代
ancient anime 1980s anime 1990s anime 2000s anime 2010s anime
aip-kotatsu aip-wakuwaku aip-moe aip-kanjou aip-nazo
comfy tracks exciting tracks healing tracks emotional tracks mystery tracks

How can I download the songs?

You should be able to figure that out if you're not a birdbrain. ฅ(=ーωー=)ฅ
They're not full CD quality though, so you're better off getting them elsewhere.

The AIP doesn't work?

Your browser has to support HTML5, .ogg vorbis, ES6 and have Javascript enabled.

The site looks weird?

You might not have full Japanese/Unicode character support on your device. ;_;

Can I use the catplayer for my site/project?

Sure. The source is available here. Use your own playlist though.

Is the AIP available as a standalone?

Yep. A standalone version is available over here.

Do you have a 88x31 banner?

I want to know more about an anime and its soundtrack?

You can use these two sites to find more info about an anime and its soundtrack.

I have a question not answered on this page regarding the AIP?

Feel free to post suggestions, feedback or any questions in the Guestbook.

DMCA Takedown Policy

If you don't want your music featured on the Animu Intarweb Playlist, please contact us via [EMAIL PROTECTED] and send an email containing the songs you wish to have removed and some sort of credentials and/or proof of you being the rights owner.

We humbly respect your decision to refrain from using this free promotion service and losing all your potential new fans. ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)